Intentional Living: Choosing To Win Despite Life’s Challenges

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When going through life, too often we merely react to what happens around us instead of having a clear path forward. What we need to pursue is the act of intentional living—to have intention by having a plan in place and be intentional by acting on that plan. Dr. Jatun Dorsey has written extensively about this principle and, after using it to help her through some of her toughest moments and lead her to some of her greatest triumphs, was inspired to bring together this anthology.

In Intentional Living: Choosing to Win Despite Life’s Challenges, you will read a collection of individual stories from co-authors such as myself who have chosen to live intentionally. These amazing individuals were able to transform their lives from living in a reactionary manner to living purposefully. As you read our stories, be inspired by our triumphs to likewise become your created and intentional self.

I look forward to you reading my chapter, Walking Forward In Faith, and sharing your feedback. It’s time that we have a real conversation about our faith journey while dealing with life struggles.

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Faithfully yours,

Patrice Withers-Stephens

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