Caregiving Is A Ministry 

In a world that continues to move on with fast paced deadlines and the need to hustle for another dollar I’ve learned nobody really cares anymore. I have found processes have replaced people and controls have replaced compassion. We often live and work with people that we don’t know anything about. One may ask how does this work? Well when we don’t take a few moments to ask others how their day is going and immediately jump into tasks you have removed the human element.

Here lately I’ve been giving a lot of thought around the role of a caregiver. Let me first say it is no walk in the park. And Lord knows I wouldn’t take nothing for my own journey I had being a caregiver to my father. Let me just say it’s a full time job that never stops. You are their for that person around the clock even if it means neglecting yourself. You experience an incredible amount of guilt in the journey. While in Hospice one day I wrote about being exhausted from doing too much and feeling guilty from not doing enough. The isolated time and constant caregiving weighs on you physically and emotionally. As an only child and protector I had no choice but to be strong and make tough decisions even when I wanted to be weak. This is the life of a caregiver! 

I recently visited with a caregiver and I sensed that overwhelming feeling I had just a few months ago. I know what it like to be so burned out that you can barely put one foot in front of the other but you got to keep going all for the love of your loved one. 

Not everyone is designed to be a caregiver. But everyone can have compassion for a caregiver. I’m planning to begin exposing others to the life of a caregiver. Many have no clue of the unbelievable sacrifices made and the feeling of abandonment that a caregiver faces in the process. 

The life of the caregiver leaves you to often feel alone. But it’s God’s way of giving you those golden moments you can treasure for years to come. While the caregiver feels alone God is always a present help.

Stay tuned as I begin to share personal accounts of my journey as a caregiver. I’m learning daily how to turn my grief into a ministry.

Follow me with the FORWARD approach.

Until next time…LOOK FORWARD!


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